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Feed Engineering Machinery



Jiangsu Liangyou is a professional manufacturer of feed processing equipment and provides complete sets of turn-key projects. From the breeding point of view, compared with the traditional rearing methods, use of scientific and reasonable formula, combined with advanced processing technology and high-quality feed, high performance, low-pollution processing equipment, and ultimately produced general fish aqua feed can guarantee Fisheries animals can be more healthy and efficient growth, leading to higher benefits to farmers.
FDSP professional team design concentrates production line is a grinding, mixing, promotion as one of the automated feed processing units, easy operation, high capacity, labor-saving, is an ideal choice for feed mill farms, can be customized according to customer plant area installation. Jiangsu Liangyou provide equipment selection of high-quality raw materials and accessories, through sophisticated processing to ensure product quality and performance, experienced design staff, according to your request, provide you with the most reasonable process design. In addition, professional installation team and excellent after-sales service, make sure that you use and worry-free operation..
FDSP can customize your premixes, concentrates, livestock and poultry feed, ruminant feed, pet feed, aqua feed and other various other common feed production lines, welcome your advice.


Aqua feed typically include floating feed, slow sinking and sinking feed, usually feed three can be used to produce extrusion process, and can be used not only sinking feed extruder, pellet mill can also be used to produce. In contrast, use of pellet mill sinking fish feed production; lower investment costs, greater capacity, and thus is widely respected manufacturers.


It concentrates a homogeneous mixture composed of protein feed, mineral feed and premix certain proportion of feed is an intermediate product, which is characterized by high protein content, usually 30% -45%, the largest proportion in the full price of feed, generally 15% to 40%. Concentrates have the advantage of easy to use, suitable for large scale, especially in their own and other energy feed corn farmers use.